Last update: 23 March 2016

Russian (windows-1251)

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The information for illegal users: You use 'cracked' versions of the Hiew at your own risk.

Features of release VIII:

  • view and edit files of any length in text, hex, and decode modes
  • x86-64 disassembler & assembler (AVX instructions include)
  • physical & logical drive view & edit
  • support for NE, LE, LX, PE/PE32+, ELF/ELF64(little-endian), Mach-O(little-endian) executable formats
  • support for Netware Loadable Modules like NLM, DSK, LAN,...
  • following direct call/jmp instructions in any executable file with one touch
  • pattern search in disassembler
  • built-in simple 64bit decrypt/crypt system
  • built-in powerful 64bit calculator
  • block operations: read, write, fill, copy, move, insert, delete, crypt
  • multifile search and replace
  • keyboard macros
  • unicode support
  • Hiew Extrenal Module (HEM) support
  • ArmV6 disassembler

Limitations of DEMO version:

  • support PE 32bit files only
  • no assembler
  • no 64bit disassembler
  • no ARM disassembler
  • no logical & physical drive support
  • no crypt
  • no ini-file
  • no sav-file
  • no keyboard macros
  • no store/load names
  • no Hiew External Module (HEM) support

Download DEMO version:

  • Hiew32 Demo (~160Kb Win32)
  • Latest version (for registered users only!):

  • Hiew 8.51 (~130Kb, No personal exefile inside) , to @Gmail users: for cah files check spam box too !
  • Download CahUnlock:

  • CahUnlock 3.10(~13Kb)
  • Download HEM SDK:

  • HEM SDK 0.50(~82Kb)
    - added: HEM_FLAG_MACHO and HEM_FLAG_MACHO64
  • Additional download:


    - with windows-1250 table


    - it allows creating (with the PrtBlk) printable dumps.
    - add to hiew.xlt: copy/b hiew.xlt+ascii_printable_xlt

    hiew 6.50 (dos)(~110Kb)

    - free old dos version

    - Hiew Shell Extension Script 1.5 GUI (old cmd-version inside zip)

    Primary registration:

  • $19 -Single version, no updates:     Share-It!    
  • $49 - Free 1-year updates:     Share-It!     BMT Micro
  • $199 - Free lifetime updates: Share-It!     BMT Micro
  • (Share-It! supports payment throught PayPal)

    Second registration:

  • 30% discount for next 1-year updates
  • 15% discount for lifetime extend
  • Ask for more
  • exUSSR registration:

  • See on russian page

  • Hiew history:

    8.51 (23 Mar 2016)
    - Mach-O little-endian support
    8.45 (7 Oct 2015)
    - fix(ELF): crash on some non-correct ELF files
    - use xlat table for clipboard input inside search edit line
    - added opcodes: RDRAND, RDSEED
    - added line 'Address' in HemTableInfo
    - print line label in code block printing
    - ini-file: 'DefaultCodesize = 16|32|64'
    8.44 (29 Apr 2015)
    - ELF: named call on jmp
    - fix: crash on some LX with export on view object table
    8.43 (16 Oct 2014)
    - fix: mouse click position in unicode mode edit is wrong if hex per line != 16
    - fix: trash on top screen if sort very long export name
    - block fill operation can be breaked by ESC press
    8.42 (4 Jun 2014)
    - fix: wrong name for simple direct address (e.g. mov eax,400000)
    - fix: failed goto for pe-files with big base
    - change unicode detection for text files


    It is not a one more hex viewer, it is my C++/MFC training only.

    (Invisible) Features:

    Version 0.37 (14 Apr 2009)
    - Fast find down/up with anychar
    - Replace with anychar
    - Manual edit
    - Insert bytes/records
    - Read-only mode toggle
    - Tooltip for offset
    - MDI toolbar
    - Syncrone scrolling
    - Show in OEM codepage
    Version 0.25 (18 Jul 2008)
    - Global options dialog
    - Marker operation (copy,clip,paste,delete)
    - New file support
    - Some bugs fixed
    Version 0.10 (3 Dec 2007)
    - First public beta (~106Kb, standart mfc42.dll needing)

    SEN's Calculator

    SenCalc is integer arithmetic calculator with brackets and operations priority. (~20Kb)

    Version 1.06 (by Jupiter)
    - XP Manifest added
    - Copy from results fields

    DualEXE Manipulator

    Dexem is a command-line utility for split or join dual-executable files. (~20Kb)

    Executable files dumper

    Edump is a command-line utility for detail dump of executable files.
    Supports: NE, LX/LE, PE/PE32+, ELF/ELF64 (little-endian), Mach-O (little-endian) (~60Kb)

    Version 1.83
    - Mach-O support
    Version 1.62
    - ELF64 support
    Version 1.52
    - PE32+: Fixup #10
    - PE/PE32+: Load config directory
    - PE32+: TLS
    - PE32+ support

    Library files dumper

    Ldump is a command-line utility for detail dump of library/object files.
    Support: Coff and Omf (~35Kb)

    Version 1.12
    - FIX: Undo (1.11) Coff: check machine value
    Version 1.11
    - Coff: no check machine value
    - Coff: added short import library format


    Disassembler of lengths for advanced (but laazzzyyyy) users.
    Know ia32 16/32/64-bits instruction, include x87 and sse.
    No used any rtl- or api-functions and globals variables.
    For usage see dila.h inside
    Free for non-commercial use (~4Kb)

    Version 1.20
    - SSE 4.2 opcodes added

    Eugene Suslikov (